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About MyEirene

Founded in 2021, MyEirene is a membership-based mindfulness database and wellness publication. Created with the aim of providing high-quality lifestyle content to help you improve your health and wellbeing and to design and build your very own bespoke mindful lifestyle using various practices, tools and advice lovingly curated just for you.

Under our umbrella, you will find our paid membership which provides you with countless options for every kind of mindfulness practice, a forum to forge lifelong connections and learning, a blog that is fully accessible to everyone regardless of membership status and our little shop. At some point in our future we aim to host events both online and in-person as well as release a series of self-help courses for you to learn at your own pace.

If you leave here today and only take away one thing, then let it be this:

there is more to mindfulness than meditation! 

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Our Name

Eirene is the Goddess of Peace in Greek Mythology. The daughter of Zeus and Themis, sister to Dike (Goddess of Justice) and Eunomia (Goddess of Good Order). She was one of the Horae (Hours), deities who ruled over the seasons as well as acted as the gatekeepers to heaven, and is the personification of ‘peace’. In depictions she was seen as a young woman who carried with her: a cornucopia, a sceptre, a torch, sometimes even olive branches.  

‘MyEirene’ means ‘my peace’…it is all about creating your personal state of contentedness!

We felt that Eirene's energy perfectly matched our company ethos, hence  our chosen namesake. Her name even sounds similar to ‘serene’; a synonym for ‘peace’! 

Mission Statement

To provide a membership-based holistic database and wellness publication to help people design their own mindful lifestyles.

We help our clients create a functional balance between mind, body and soul; to improve their wellbeing.

Our focus is on creating a fun, safe, educational environment from which to grow and flourish.

To create a more content, creative world. 

A world where people are softer and kinder to one another. Where we seek to form genuine connections and wholeheartedly support one another.

Making mindfulness the “norm”; practised by anyone at any time and in any place.

Most importantly, our biggest dream is for our members to design lifestyles that allow them to thrive.

Vision Statement


We embody contentedness.

Guiding others to find their own inner strength and power to transform their lives.


Providing a haven for our members - a space to find connection among community. 



What does it all mean?

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present. Through mindfulness, we cultivate our mindset to focus on being in the moment. 

Performing mindful practices every day helps us calm down and relax. It teaches us empathy, and it can help boost creativity as well as the performances of our mind and body. It allows us to find grace, space and relieve stress, anxiety and tension. Even just 5-10 minutes makes a world of difference!

Mindfulness Archetypes

These are mindful "personalities" if you will...or classification, depending on your persuasion. Each of us will fall under an archetype of mindfulness depending on our preferences towards practices, our goals towards mindful living, how we utilise our practices and so on. Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or old hat, you will fall into a specific character profile. If you are a curious cat, click the button below to take the quiz and find out your Archetype!


What does your online store provide?

Our online store contains selections of what we provide in our membership, such as eBooks, colouring books, journals, and guided tracks.

Are your products and services available to non-students?

Yes they are.


Although our focus was initially only on Higher Education students, our research and development showed us that our products and services were needed by everyone and therefore should be made available to all, from the very start.


There will be pricing differences between students and non-students.

Why is there heavy focus on students?

Our founder was a student herself when she was introduced to mindfulness. It was at the start of the first national lockdown in the UK and she was halfway through her Postgraduate Degree when it hit. The sudden shift from in-person to online WFH, was heavily countered by the mindfulness practices she put into place. However, this whole situation made her realize just how underrepresented students were in this field, despite the increasing amounts of mental and physical health issues amongst Higher Education students. It spurred her into setting up this start-up so that she could help other students, hence why students are a primary demographic at MyEirene. This is not to say that non-students don’t matter! Not at all! In fact, we have plenty of content for non-students as well! At the end of the day, our mission is to help as many people as possible.

Do you provide your services globally?

Not yet. Currently all of our products and services are only available in the UK market. 

Expansion is something we would love to see though so hopefully one day we can enter new markets!

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