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Jamila Akhtar



Hello there,

My name is Jamila (AKA Mila) and I founded MyEirene back in 2021, with the goal of helping combat the rising mental health crisis by providing fun, affordable holistic wellness.

As someone who has - and still does to an extent - suffered from high-functioning anxiety, stress and general unhappiness, I know how problematic these issues are. It made me want to help. So for the past 3 years, I have been relentlessly researching, experimenting with and developing a wide array of wellness that you don't have to.

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I came across mindfulness at the very start of the pandemic, right when our world got shut down. But, amidst the turmoil, alone in my little London flat, I experienced meditation for the very first time, and my world suddenly got rocked wide open once more. It was new and wonderful.

After 3 years of copious trial and error, I found a unique, fun and inexpensive way to bring you mindfulness and wellbeing. All wrapped up in this online membership-based database and publication.

I hope you enjoy your time here, we are excited to have you!

My Profile:

Name: Jamila

Age: 29

Nationality: Canadian

Education: BA (Hons) Interior Design, MSc Digital Marketing

Likes: Arts and crafts, dancing, good music, dogs, cats, books, ocean swimming, travelling

Dislikes: Accounting, celery, slow-moving people, 30°C+ weather, climbing up hills

If you want to know more about my mindfulness journey, check out my very first blog post here: Mindfulness and MyEirene.

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