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Abundance (n): Having or containing a large amount of something. Usually refers to money, however, it includes anything from love, kindness, joy and so on.  

Affirmation (n): A short phrase that creates a positive effect on the person when spoken/written and repeated.

Alignment (n): Being in a state where everything operates in harmony. 

Ascending (adj): Rising in consciousness.

Aura (n): Energetic field that surrounds every person’s body.

Auric field (adj): The range of a person’s aura that envelopes them expands outwards.

Authenticity (n): Being your truest self without fear of what others think of you.

Ayurveda (n): A holistic medicinal system that uses natural sources for healing. Developed in Ancient India, it is the sister science to yoga.


Balance (n): Working in harmony with others and staying in an internal equilibrium.

Brain dump (np): Writing down all your thoughts that currently occupy your head to remove them from your head. 

Breathwork (n): A form of mindfulness that uses controlled breathing to soothe and relax oneself.


Chakra system (np): The 12-point system of energetic centres that exist within the body. From the bottom to top, they are: Earth Star, Base, Root (Muladhara), Sacral (Svadisthana), Solar Plexus (Manipura), Navel, Heart (Anahata), Throat (Vishudda), Third-Eye (Ajna), Crown (Sahasrara), Causal, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway. 

The Collective (pro): Spiritual term for humanity. Used to describe how all us humans are all united.

Collective consciousness (np): The consciousness every human can tap into that links us all together.

Communication (n): Channels for sharing information.

Consciousness (n): The awareness and knowledge contained in all humans.

Cycle (n): The start, journey and finish of a particular situation or event. Everything has a beginning and ending.


Devotion (n): Whole, pure and complete commitment to someone or something, including oneself.

Dharma (n): Your life purpose.


Ego (n): The shadow side of your psyche. Ruled by the mind only.

Embodiment (n): Connecting to your body usually through movement such as dance or through touch and so on. A mindfulness practice that allows us to connect our soul and our body as one, to work in unison.

Energetic field (np): The field of energy that surrounds each body.

Energy (n): A vibrational frequency that each soul emits in its own unique manner.

Energy work (np): Working with energetic fields, primarily to help or repair heal the mind, body and soul.

Expansion (n): When one experiences growth after working on healing or improving themselves.


Feminine/Yin (adj/n): A type of energy that embodies softness, nurturing characteristics. This energy exists within us all regardless of gender. It is the opposite of Masculine/Yang energy.

Flow state (vp): A high-frequency state of being that is reached when the mind, body and soul work together harmoniously. It feels effortless and smooth when it is embodied.

Frequency (n): The rate at which we vibrate energy. Low frequency indicates we are vibrating with slow energy, whereas high frequency is when we vibrate with fast energy.


Gratitude (n): Being grateful, giving thanks and showing compassion towards others.

Gratitude list (np): A list of whatever items, people, pets, activities, events and so on we are grateful at a given time.

Grounding (n): The process of finding/creating an anchorpoint from which we can centre ourselves.


Higher Self/Consciousness (n): The part of your soul that contains everything you have ever learned/experienced, which you can access whenever you need. 

High vibration (adj): Operating from a better frequency of energy in which we embody love, compassion and joy.


Imposter syndrome (n): The struggle of feeling like a fraud in an area of life/work and so on despite having deep knowledge of a subject, particularly if you feel you have not been in that field for extended amounts of time. 

Inner child (n): The younger, childlike Self of yours that gets buried as we age. It always remains and it holds our enthusiasm for adventure, our curiosity, and our desire to innovate. 

Intention (n): An action or objective we set out to achieve in a mindful manner.

Intimacy (n): Having an incredibly close, deep, raw and openly honest bond/connection with another soul, unlike most bonds you will experience.


Journaling (v): The act of writing down thoughts, feelings, experiences and so on in a notebook.


Lack (n): A behaviour/mindset in which we believe that we will never be enough or have enough.

Letting go (v): Surrendering to the universe and trusting that everything will play out in the manner it is meant to do so. One of the biggest acts of trust one can take.

Low vibration (adj): Operating from a lesser energy in which we embody fear, anger and pain.


Manifestation (n): The act of setting a goal and working towards making it happen in your life. 

Mantra (n): A series of short syllabic sounds that are used whilst meditating to bring forth concentration and a higher frequency of energy with which to work with.

Masculine/Yang (adj/n): A type of energy that embodies active and motivational characteristics. This energy exists within us all regardless of gender. It is the opposite of Feminine/Yin energy.

Meditation (n): The art of sitting in stillness and opening up to peaceful expansion.

Mindfulness (n): The practice of awareness. Being aware of our actions, thoughts and beliefs and working to harmonize them through various ways. 

Mindset (n): Our state of mind when we interact with ourselves, interact with others, and just generally what our frame of mind is as we go about our day.


Oneness (n): Being in true harmony with our Self.


Patience (n): The act of exercising great endurance whilst we wait for things to unfold.


Self-care (n): The act of taking care of ourselves by ensuring we prioritize our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health before anything else.

Self-love (n): The act of giving ourselves our own love.

Soul (n): The spiritual facet of our human composition. 

Surrender (v): The act of letting go and trusting in the universe. Putting our faith into the hands of someone/something else and carrying a knowing that it will work out exactly how it is meant to.

Synergy (n): When energies come together and work in harmonious motion.


Trust (n): Having faith in ourselves (internally) and in others (externally).

Transmutation (n): a transformative act involving the shifting of something that was, into something that is usually done through mindfulness practices.

TripleR (pn): Click here.


Vibrations (pl n): The movement of energy.

Visualization (n): The practice of using our imagination to create a scene in which we insert ourselves/auric bodies and relax, conduct energy work or conduct healing work.


Yoga (n): A spiritual discipline involving both the mind and the body developed in Ancient India. A sister science to Ayurveda.

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