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What Mindful Archetype Am I?

Each one of us will fall under a specific mindful archetype. Each archetype shows us which practices we prefer, the specific characteristics of each practice that we connect with, how we like to establish our routines, the best method of learning and what steps to take to ensure we get the most of our journey. 


There are 8 different archetypes and whilst it is important to remember that everyone will always be some kind of combination of all 8, we tend to associate strongly with one or two archetypes. The following quiz is designed to both cast your archetype, as well as provide you with a brief understanding of what your archetype embodies. The quiz is free however if you wish for a more detailed analysis of the archetypes, you can purchase our eBook ‘The Mindful Archetypes’ or book a 1:1 consultation with our mindfulness facilitator, Jamila, who can help you embrace your archetype. The eBook includes detailed descriptions of each archetype along with an analysis of how best to embody and embrace your archetype. If you are a club member, then your eBook is included with your membership, just make sure you are logged in before you take the quiz. And don’t worry, this quiz will only take about 2-3 minutes to complete! 

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