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Mindfulness and MyEirene

Updated: Feb 21

For the very first blog post, I wanted to share my journey into mindfulness and how this developed into MyEirene Ltd.

Let’s start at the very beginning.

As you may know, my name is Jamila (AKA Mila) and I am the founder of MyEirene Ltd. I am a long-time intuitive, an artist by nature, a good writer, big into mindfulness and now I am about to begin my very own journey of guiding people on their own odyssey of healing, health and happiness. As I write this, I have just celebrated turning 27…yeah I know, I’m quite young. My life hasn’t always been about mindfulness and spirituality.

In fact I was really into science and only science for a long time. I’ve been an atheist and an agnostic. I was raised around a myriad of religions and beliefs so I am comfortable and familiar with many perspectives. I was fortunate that my homelife was open regarding beliefs; I was always free to make my own choices although I still had to work past certain expectations (thankfully I am stubborn, and just dug my heels in). I came into spirituality on my own – through mindfulness – and that only happened a little less than two years ago, just after I turned 25. Let’s rewind to about 2 years ago to… 2020: The Global Shutdown. When everyone was put on hold into a limbo. From the moment this happened, I recognized it as a wonderful opportunity to bring back the things I missed most in my life: art, reading, dancing and so on. All things I missed dearly but never seemed to have time for (sound familiar?). I’d also been wanting to try new hobbies for a long time so this became the perfect space to give them a go because I couldn’t do much else. So, here was this golden nugget of an opportunity that I just grabbed. I was determined to make the most of these difficult, uncertain times. And it was the best thing I did. I mean don’t get me wrong, it has been incredibly arduous many times but coming out the other end has always been worth it.

How I got into mindfulness all started with a message from a friend of mine asking me if I wanted to join this meditation challenge that was going around. 21 days, each day with a specific meditation. Right off the bat, I knew, I just knew I had to do this.

I still hesitated for a few minutes because I didn’t have much information (I am nuts for details) and my friend was being a tad cagey with the details, plus I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to something for 21 days (it seems like so long doesn’t it?).

But my mind, my intuition, my very soul was just screaming at me to just go for it.

To take the leap.

So, I leapt.

I still remember that very first day of meditation. A wave washed over me and I cried, tears of relief, of being seen and heard, of finally feeling like I was understood. After a lifetime of never feeling like I belonged, I finally did. It was a wonderful moment. One I shall treasure forever. From there it basically just snowballed. I began practicing meditation often, almost daily. I began journalling and then I got interested in spirituality too. Astrology, crystals, tarot, many mystical things and also my artwork. I’m a lifelong artist and this journey of mine helped me find my way back to my art after a long hiatus (AKA artist’s block). I have worked a lot on myself and healing a lot of trauma, shame, guilt, but also my expectations on how life should look. As I progress along my journey, I find new things to explore and understand.

The biggest thing I found during this time was my desire to make mindfulness understandable and accessible for everyone regardless of their religion, beliefs, thoughts and so on. Mindfulness has been such a wonderful set of tools for me, that I wanted to share it with as many people as I can. Because mindfulness does help – once you find what exact practices work for you – and it is often a very inexpensive solution to a large range of issues relating to our minds, bodies and souls. I realized that I wanted to create a platform that I didn’t have (but wanted) when I was figuring all of this out. I wanted to create a platform that gives equal attention to all the types of mindfulness that exist out there so that more souls can partake in leading a more mindful life. Because there is so much more to mindfulness than just meditation.

MyEirene is the start of all of this.

This app…this construct that I am developing is going to encompass all the types of mindfulness under one roof so that we as a collective can find the tools that fit us and work with them to heal and expand. The additional workshops and session work I (and at some point, my team) provide will further help those who are keen to really develop and flesh out their mindfulness practices.

Alas, this is how it all started: with a 21-day challenge when I was stuck alone in my tiny London flat.

Funny isn’t it? But that’s how it begins; in a way you couldn’t possibly dream of. I’m beyond glad I took that plunge for it brought me here. And I love it here. Here is where I belong.

This is my story.

I really hope you enjoyed the read and feel like you got to know me and the company a little bit more. From this point on, future blog posts will focus on all the various aspects of mindfulness as well as spirituality. It will focus on really diving in deep so we can all create a solid foundation from which to build ourselves upon. This blog is set up so that I as a writer can grow and communicate in my strongest way. But mostly because it is the best way to convey free, informative and helpful content.

If you have any questions or just want to comment your thoughts, please do so below! I look forward to hearing from you. Furthermore, please follow us on our Instagram (@myeirenehub) and Pinterest (MyEirene App) pages.

Until next time, Jamila, A.

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