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A Page A Day Journal
  • A Page A Day Journal

    A Page A Day is an introductory journal that will help you get comfortable with the practice of brain-dumping, which is where we write out all of the thoughts we have onto paper so that they are removed from our mind. Each day you will be given a page each to write down of all your thoughts out onto paper. Before and after each journaling session there is the opportunity to keep track of your daily overall mood and see whether it improves or not. There is also space to write out a few goals for what you wish to achieve during the week. At the end of the 7-day period there is a reflective space for you to introspect and analyze how your week went.


    What’s included:

    • 1 lined page per day for freewriting
    • Daily mood tracker
    • Setting 7-day goals
    • Reflective overview


    Why should we freewrite/brain-dump?

    The most basic form of journaling is something to practice as a way to release thoughts held pent up in your mind, to relieve anxiety, help us understand situations, de-stress and simply just make note – a memory bank if you will – of our life. Freewriting helps us unload our minds, therefore freeing up space for the really important things to be prioritized.


    This product is an editable and printable PDF.

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