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Evolving Progress Journal
  • Evolving Progress Journal

    Evolving is a wonderful month-long progress tracker, this journal has been created to help you document the evolution of your mindfulness journey with clarity and consistency. Comprised of almost 50 pages, this progress tracker helps you establish your baselines amongst all the types of mindfulness practices as well as your moods and emotional health followed by setting your monthly aims and objectives. The monthly tracking is split into 4-week sections to help you easily breakdown and make your goals more manageable. It is finished off with an end-of-month reflection specifically designed to help you go within and explore how you have grown.


    So, if you are seeking a detailed progress journal to help you achieve your dreams and ambitions, plus help you hold yourself accountable for your mindfulness journey then this product will be greatly beneficial for you.


    What’s Included:

    • Establishing your baseline
    • Monthly intentions
    • Monthly affirmations
    • Monthly goals
    • Weekly goals
    • Weekly progress and emotional health tracking
    • Weekly reflections
    • Monthly overview
    • Monthly milestones
    • Monthly reflections
    • Gratitude list
    • Top monthly moments
    • Appreciation for mindfulness


    Why should I use a progress tracker?

    Well, the primary reason is that it makes for a fantastic motivational tool: when you can tangibly see your progress it will build your eagerness to continue your journey. It will also greatly help you build your confidence, both in general and with practicing mindfulness. Another aspect it will assist in is with helping you manage your day-to-day living more responsibly and strategically, furthermore, it will greatly help you discover which practices you not only prefer but also get the most from. This in turn will enable you to finetune your own routine and settle into a wonderful rhythm that works just for you!


    This product is an editable and printable PDF.

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