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This eBook is the guide for the Mindfulness Archetypes quiz. In here you will find detailed insights into every archetype including characteristics, animal association, element association, colour palette, an exercise to participate in, how you relate to other archetypes as well as the best ways for each archetype to practice mindfulness. 


This book was designed to help those who have taken the archetype quiz discover the best ways for them to approach mindfulness so that they can find fulfilment and joy when they begin to practice.


Open to anyone who feels in need of pinpointing which path to take on their mindfulness journey, regardless of whether you are brand new to mindfulness or have been practicing for years. This book gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons and experiment with your practice in new ways, whilst helping guide you to finding your sweet spot.


This eBook is broken down into 8 chapters: one chapter dedicated to each archetype. At the end of the eBook, there is an Appendix containing the full quiz with an interactive element so you can fill in your answers if you want to remember what you chose (as long as your device contains a PDF program with an up to date operating system). It also allows you to retake the quiz if you feel your preferences changing and want guidance on where to go next. 


There is a short Introduction outlining the quiz and its purpose, followed by a chapter on each archetype. The archetypes are listed in alphabetical order: Alchemist, Archaist, Constructor, Dynamo, Mythic, Pacifist, Pioneer and Scholar.


This is a downloadable PDF file which you are only able to download once. If you have trouble downloading the file, please contact us at: with the subject line: ‘File Download Issue’. In the email please include your name, order number, and the title of the book (if you have ordered more than one). You will be sent a copy of the PDF once we have everything confirmed.

Mindfulness Archetypes - eBook

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