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Mindfulness: Ins + Outs E-book
  • Mindfulness: Ins + Outs E-book

    This ebook is aimed at beginners with little to no experience of navigating the wellness world of mindfulness, and has been designed to show you the ropes: starting with detailed introductions for each type of mindfulness each with their own exercises for you to trial, before diving further into the cultivation of your practice with exploration into creating routines, expansion and even what tools to work with as well as a comprehensive list of where they can be purchased. If you are curious about mindfulness and want to learn more about what it entails and how to practice, then this ebook is a great place to start. It has an extensive amount of information compiled within which will help you relax and find your way through. There is a lot to mindfulness and our aim at MyEirene is to help everyone find their own path to living more holistically. After all, mindfulness is more than just meditation, and this ebook aims to help you discover all that is out there and what it is that fits you best.



    • Introduction: About This Course
    • Module 1: Fundamentals - here we look at what mindfulness actually is, what it means to be mindful, what the foundational building blocks are towards living more mindfully and what the branches of mindfulness are
    • Module 2: Mindfulness Types - in the second section we look at all the various types of mindfulness and how they help us. This section even includes exercises for each practice allowing you to test them all out at your leisure
    • Module 3: Mindfulness Tools - this section provides you with a comprehensive list of all the types of tools we can use within our mindfulness routines including a breakdown of pricing, accessibility and where to use them
    • Module 4: Finding Your Fit - by section 4 we dive into some helpful tips and tricks for establishing which practices will bring you the most benefits
    • Module 5: Preparing Your Practice - in this section we detail the 3 steps it generally takes to help get yourself ready for your practice
    • Module 6: Establishing Your Routine - here we explore the many ways in which we can set up our own routines according to our personal preferences
    • Module 7: Mindful Expansion - in this final section we delve into the many ways in which we can expand and grow our practice out and beyond
    • Appendix: Links for Mindfulness Tools


    This is a downloadable PDF file. You may only download the file once.

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