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Reflections Journal
  • Reflections Journal

    Reflections is an utterly simple journal is a great space for you to practice the art of freewriting/brain-dumping.


    This is the space to just get down with writing whatever it is that comes to mind, or whatever it is you want to get out of your mind. Use this space to write about your day, to vent, to celebrate, to ponder your thoughts, reflect on daily life/problems/solutions, even just evaluate your life…whatever it is you want to talk about. This is an open book full of limitless possibilities.


    What’s included:

    • 32 lined pages
    • Space to jot down day and date


    Why should we freewrite/brain-dump?

    The most basic form of journaling is something to practice as a way to release thoughts held pent up in your mind, to relieve anxiety, help us understand situations, de-stress and simply just make note – a memory bank if you will – of our life. Freewriting helps us unload our minds, therefore freeing up space for the really important things to be prioritized.


    This product is an editable and printable PDF.

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