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Visualizations is a creative journal that has been created into a space for you to turn your creative faucet on and get flowing!


The practice of visualization is an awesome way to help manifest goals and dreams, improve emotional health or work through emotional and mental distress and what better way to get visual than through artistic endeavours?

We are all creative beings therefore we all have the desire to create, and this 30-day visualization journal has been specifically designed to help you get those creative juices flowing nice and smooth thanks to its many pages of mini vision board layouts on which to collage, paint, colour, crayon, write captions/thoughts/affirmations, doodle, make patterns or whatever it is that you dream up. It even come with pages of stock photos for you to use throughout the layouts should you need or want!

Note: all stock images have been taken by the creator of this journal and are permitted to only be used in/for this journal. You do not have permission to repost these images on any social media platform.

The aim is to create a vision board per day for a total of 30 days, however you are totally free to do this over your own timeframe. There is a mood tracker at the front of this journal which you can use to document your overall mood before and after each vision board session so that you get a clear chart of your progress after each layout is completed. Also included are spaces to measure and track the progress of your journey.


What’s included:

  • 30 pages of vision board layouts
  • 30-day mood tracker
  • Journaling prompts
  • Creativity goals
  • Creativity gauges
  • Reflection space
  • 16 pages of stock photos


What benefits will this journal bring?

Aside from your creativeness seeing great benefit, your imagination will also get stronger as will your strength in creative problem solving. It is even possible that you will discover a love for a hobby that you never thought you would enjoy or be good at! What’s more is that tapping into a creative flow allows us to relax – it is very soothing and can be a fantastic way to “switch off” your mind for a short while. Employing vision board techniques not only help us tangibly realize our goals and aspirations but they are also super helpful at improving our concentration, our cognitive abilities and with relieving stress and anxiety.


This product is a downloadable and printable PDF.

Visualizations Journal

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